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Sticker/decal Kits Are They Any Good?

ross brown

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I've been researching 4RT replacement sticker sets on the web to add protection and a bit of bling to my Monty. There seem to be quite a few after-market decal sets around. From the photos I see on ebay they look indistinguishable from originals. ?I suspect that the airbox stickers like the Repsol type will be worn through in a weekend as that's where my left boot grips. But I'd like to find a more longer lasting set for the frame. Can anyone comment if they last? How good do they look in the flesh?

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Do not buy these sticker kits of ebay.They might look good on screen,but they are shocking quality as i found out.I returned mine to company who gave me a partial refund,not happy atall.DO NOT buy them!!

Would that be from Express-Signs or whatever it's called.

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Steve Saunders sells the best decals,really thick last for ages and stick like **** to a blanket, even the air box one lasts months and months :thumbup: can buy through BVM Moto

Thanks folks. You confirmed what I thought; that you get what you pay for. No sense in buying Montesa quality and then cheapening the package with two-bit decals.

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hi all,

new to trials but been riding motocross for years.

Mx graphics always used to be really thick etc, but they were hard to shape.

Last set i put on bike were the thin ones, which once warmed up a little stuck like the thick ones.

Just ordered some of the ebay graphics, so i hope they do stick, but then again on my old 01 they have to better than whats left of originals.

there is no negative feedback on ebay so i guess some people are happy.

will let you know if i have any sucess with mine.


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