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Mota Bent Fenders Trials


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Mota riders!

Well I have been thinking (ut oh) and thinking and thinking about the Bentfenders trials. We have laid out a couple of sections. We have ridden the poo out of them. We tweeked we consulted. We tweeked some more. We ran out of tape. We used some other tape. We mowed. Then we went out and rode some more. We are looking forward to a fun event.

Experts, bring a fresh tire if possible. Hills like you have not seen in michigan. Twist and go. Biff cleaned them you should too.

Advance We know some of you are new we know some are returning. Zippy made sure you are all going to have fun. we both want to clear the log section but a 1 is very respectable.

Sportsman Tough.... yes... Impossible no. Fun ? oh heck yea! Creek section 2 is one of those SWEETTTTT moments

Intermediate Don and cap should be right at their 1 to 2 point range. off cambers are an art form. Many lines to choose from.

Novice. We will challenge you nothing is impossible. You nothing is tight but you have to know when to go.

Beginner look up and have fun. its a trail ride for the big boys.

Youth. We know you're coming and will be ready for you.

And the question you have all been asking yourself. Is there a swamp section? Of course not. The creek will get you muddy enough.. Muhahahahahaa.

In the case of mucho rain the sections will be toned down for your entertainment pleasure.

chao --Biff

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biffsgasgas Posted Sep 21 2009, 09:19 PM

Advance We know some of you are new we know some are returning. Zippy made sure you are all going to have fun. we both want to clear the log section but a 1 is very respectable.

As the Lawyers have advised me to say: "I can only state that I had fun in the sections that I rode last weekend."

A couple spots the Throttle is your friend.

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All classes starting with Intermediate class,

Being a large class let me let you into the insight into how i build a section for you.

First i look at Steve, Mark, Martin, Don and Polack and how they read our sections and what line they pick. Then we look at how they ride the first two times. If they clean it on the first two times i and wont ride it again we change the section. If they ride it two times and five or three it we look at there line and if possible we show them a different line. If there is not a different line i change the section (i have done this three times for this trials so far). If there is a section that makes you want to come back after riding a whole trials i consider that a success. When we have our own riders wanting to stay on a section for 10 ride ins each i also consider that a success. Thats what i am looking for in building a section. When i built my sections for this trials i looked for that. I can tell you that i also look to ride each intermediate and novice line with out touching the clutch personally. Sounds stupid but if i have to pull in the clutch then its too tight and thats not fun. If you can't dab because of ankle twisters or giant falls then thats also a big no no. I concentrate on intermediate and expert.

For novice we take a beginner line and give you a marker or two. In this case your in the creek twice in your class. We also put Wendy in your line. She says ok then ok.

Beginner is in and out but in this case we have given you a section to read your markers. A glimpse of the future.

For sportsman we try to give you half advance and half intermediate. There have been a couple of times in this trials where we find intermediate too easy and advance too hard so we will mark you separate. No big downs but you have to be on your toes and work on your timing. Advanced is about timing in my opinion and not about hopping.

Advanced class should not have to hop but you should have to know your timing 100%. If you are late then you may have to hop. If you are late then you may not make the obstacle. You should also be prepared for some ups and downs but run out after each.

Expert is my boys! I look for less than 20 points from first place. I look for some spectator viewing pleasure. I look to give you that "I am god moment". I look to keep you interested with keeping different back to back sections. I look to make one line that is obvious with out any of that "cheater line" mentality while also keeping it "open". I know that with this trials that we have challenged you with some fun stuff. I also know that if you fail at making the section no pain will be incurred. I also know that old school is the key and not very tight is the name of the game.

Finally we all need a break. If you have three hard sections back to back you are worn out. Since we have most of our sections laid out so far i will be riding each section for about 7 loops to see if you have a "break". If you don't then we will change something to give you one. Walk the sections before hand. Let us know and we will change it. Will you have points yes but will you have fun? certainly!


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Don Posted Yesterday, 08:51 PM

So, does this mean your going to get my bike dirty??

Oh no Don, we are not going to get your bike dirty. We are merely providing the opportunity and materials needed for YOU to get your bike dirty. It is just one of the many services that we at Bent Fenders feel are necessary to provide for a fun and challenging day on the bike.


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Listen Biff, After last Sunday at Stoney, Brockaway, Myself and dazzling Daryl are ready for any MUD conditions, we had to spray radiators out every loop.

Are those cute Flattracker girls riding?

Will we have a hill side of beer drinking, cheering bikers?

Are you going to have the X-BOX 360 with trials in the Biker lounge?

Will we see Zippy Doo Da?

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