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1999 320 Hard To Kick Over ?


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These bikes have high compression and require good kicking technique. Make sure you get your weight above the bike - stand on the uphill side of the bike or find somthing to stand on to help improve your leverage. Use an Iridium plug gapped to 0.022-0.024" to get a better spark with low turnover rpm.

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i just put a new piston in my 250 and is very hard to kick over first time.

What ido now is basically get to compression point then just lean a small amount of weight on kickstart for couple of seconds.

this will reduce the compression a little, then give it a good kick and off you go.

I am 14st and i can put 100% of body weight on kckstart and it dnot budge an inch.

easiest way i have foundto get mine going with out putting too much pressure on kicker etc.

if you search gasgas usa site there are videos showing starting techinques.


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I had three 320/321/330s and could start them all sitting down, I could also stand on the kickstart without it moving, it's just technique to get over the compression.

Easiest way is to put the bike in gear, pull it backwards 'till the piston comes to up to compression, pull the clutch in and kick. that way you get around 330

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