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Txt O4 Running Problem


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Hi there can anyone help me with a problem with my 04 txt.

Generally runs well apart from when it gets hot.

If im on a long ride between sections or generally riding for a while before stopping the revs are taking a long while to die down to normal tick over speed.

Then if I go to rev it again it coughs and almost dies (like trying to rev it when its cold).

I find if I kill the engine then restart the problem goes away for a short while then comes back.

Bike is in good order, well maintained, carb/air box cleaned on a regular basis, has only been happening the last couple of months.

Any ideas?

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Yeah sounds like too much air or too little fuel after a run. Fuel-wise is your tank breather doing it's thing? Is the filter on the back of the carb a bit blocked up? Is your carb fuel level correct?

As an aside I enjoyed the trial yesterday and did a bit better than I thought!

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How are you getting on with this, Adam? I wouldn't have thought it's the reeds. Unless they're half broken or there's something big in there holding them open the pressure cycling of the engine should close them as needed so you wouldn't have a problem only after extended running.

Are you running a PHBL? Does it have the easy to miss 2nd pilot jet down the hole where the obvious pilot comes out of like my PHBH does?

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i think the guys might be right, lean main would be my guess.

If you dont have a larger main, try droppng clip a notch to see if improves.

Also consider fuel screw, a lean fuel screw caused chaos on my brothers.

Was only apparent at high revs. If you get any pinking what so ever turn fuel screw out a little bit at a timne until it disappears.

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