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Fuel Range


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About twenty miles on roads/tracks, maybe more... depends on the bike. Add a little more oil to your fuel and lean off the mixture slightly, probably get 30 out of it in that case.

Not sure about pootling around, but you can get about 10-12 miles on a trial loop. I get about 3-4 hours out of a tank when just messing around in the garden.

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i get about 4-5 hours from a tank 3.5l but thats slow moving stuff i would like to try ride with speedo and see how far i could do on a tank

Buy a cycling computer mebob! That'll do the trick! Don't need anything fancy.

Not exaclty sure how far a standard Gas Gas tank will go for, but will get a good few hours out of them.

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I know this is a very old thread however I think it really depends on what kind of speeds your going and if road or trail riding. 

On a decently open trail where I was able to hold a lot of 4th gear and some 5th mid RPM and almost never going below 3rd on my Montesa I was able to get just over 23 miles on the 2 Liter tank of fuel.  (Bike was a 2007 Montesa 4RT 250).

When I ride a lot of slower more technical trails or higher RPM's the fuel drops and I don't get that much.  I had to carry extra fuel to be sure I could make the loop I was riding, ended up only needing 1 of the 3.5 extra I had with me. 

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On 1/15/2024 at 5:53 PM, lineaway said:

 Been a long Winter already, Jonny?

Bit longer and not as much riding as I would like so going back to older threads seems to be a side-affect.  LOL

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