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2004 Rev3

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Hello I'm getting ready to purchase my first trials bike. I found a local 2004 beta rev3 270 in great condition, the owner was injured and the bike was only ridden one season. I'm located in Lancaster Pennsylvania he wants $3500 for the bike.

Is this a fair price? I've seen some priced lower but it is in great condition.

I'm going to compete in the AMA D6 trials series for points. Is a 2004 rev3 a good bike to start? Or would it benefit me to spend a little more look for a newer bike 2007+?

I know in trials the rider is the most important part but I do want a modern machine.

Thanks for the help.

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Hi, welcome to the the world of trials, the 04 Beta Rev3 is a great bike.

But, i feel that a 270 could well be a little too aggresive for a first bike, they have a very smooth and very deceptive low down power, that comes in with a punch when you open the throttle.

I had a 02 Rev3 270 and felt i was fighting the bike rather than actually riding it.

Personally, if i was starting out again, i would look at something like a 200 or 250.


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