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Suzuki Beamish Silver Engine Woes


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Hi All,

Ive just recently purchased a silver engined 1978ish Suzuki Beamish from fleabay as the bike was around 150 miles away unfortunatly i couldn't get to view the bike before auction ended! on arrival the bike started but only for a few seconds as there was poss only a cupful of petrol in it so couldn't really asses the bike properly,

Anyway after getting the bike home I put fuel in it but the same thing it only ran for a few seconds, so off with the carb and airfilter and cleaned both through I also removed the silly 50cc scooter race can :thumbup: that was fitted on the end of the exhaust, Now the bike can run without stalling it can also rev out well BUT the bottom end pick up is woolly and the bike seems to hunt and runs on a bit after shutting the throttle ive raised the carb needle up to the middle groove and this has helped but she still dosent pick up very good and the engine labours a bit on the overun if you put the choke on the bike runs great for a few seconds then returns to poor running!

Also the top end is very noisey as in piston slap even though the previous owner assured me that its just had a rebore to 2.0mm o/s and a new piston fitted by Fred Brown engine builders in Halifax :shutup: plus new seals bearings etc! surely these silver engined bikes wernt as noisey as this normaly? I had a 1980 black engined model that was very quiet with hardly no piston noise at all, your comments please gentleman

Scotty :rolleyes:

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i have a 1978 silver engined beamish, it's a bit 'ringy' at the top end but it picks up fine and runs OK

if pushing the choke on improves running that suggests it's getting too much air from somewhere, i'd double check jets,needle, float level, filter etc.

hope it works out


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Hi Tony,

Do you know what size the pilot jet is? I cant make out what size it is on the one fitted to my bike, By the way the slide and needle all look in top condition with no visable wear marks/ scuffs etc!

the main jet is 120 and the clip is in the middle of the needle, anyone else out there can help to shed some more light on this?


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Check the condition of the carb connectors as well for cracks & then spray them with soapy water while the bike is running to see if they have any leaks

Just looked on CMSNL.com at the parts list for the 74-75 standard model & it says 30pilot,145main. I wouldn't expect the beamish to be much different

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The specs are for the standard RL250, the online parts books at CMSNL are great for finding out these sorts of things

You could always look on the Beamish Owners Club website as the whole manual is on there not just the parts list. If the engine has really been rebuilt it will be quite quiet, I have restored a couple of these and they run like clockwork. If you are on +2.00 it is on the maximum bore for the available pistons, if there is a cheap chinese piston in there you may find it rattles. The manual should tell you the correct jets and needle position. The Suzuki RL250 Exacta engine was simply transplanted into the Beamish.

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My silver engined Beamish sounded like a stone crusher back in 1985,but it always went well and it never got any worse in the 5 odd years my brother and I had it.The comment about the China piston is valid though,I couldnt get a genuine one for my TY 250 back in 06 when I rebuilt it.Despite a really good bore finish by a trusted machine shop and me spending hours filing the port edges - it rattles.

Its no worse now though after 4 years of hard work,but only sounds worse when really hot or just as it runs out of fuel.So making sure its not pulling in air or simply set up too lean will help.

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