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Silencer Repacking


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I hate bringing back a thread that's what, 18 years old now?  I really appreciate the detailed pics to give me the confidence to cut this piece of unobtanium in half.  Cheers Chris!

Here's my attempt on a 2005 0.8 exhaust.  I drew a dotted line in Sharpie where I should have cut, as I managed to catch the flanged lip of the baffle, separating the two halves. I tacked the baffle back in place before welding the two halves back together. I honestly thought I took more pics, for those who still own these old Sherco's, but suffered a bit of a brake cleaner induced brain fart while in the process. 

I used some high temp. ceramic insulation for the repack, and it seems to have quieted the exhaust a little.  It is a definite improvement over the oil soaked remains of the old insulation.




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