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Advice on Bultaco Sherco 250


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Spotted a low use 1999 Bultaco Sherco 250 in my price range, seems to have been stored for 10 years and only used for 1 year, bit worried about perished seals due to storage but any major faults with thse bikes? Are they notoriously difficult to ride for a learner (me) etc? And any other thoughts?


Couple of pics :



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check the engine main bearings are not noisey as this was a problem with the early ones.check you suspension linkages for play, you would need to strip down and grease anyway.just check the whole bike and make sure it seems ok. it looks good in the photo ,but not worth lots of money. a very good bike to start with , not to powerfull, hope this helps willie.

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Thanks for the input & info, I've made the guy an offer & will wait to hear back. It's a bit of a distance for me to collect & about 12 gallons of diesel so I'll be pretty much committed to purchase once I'm there unless it's a total mechanical disaster. I'll make sure to check all the points mentioned though, thanks :thumbup:

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