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Big thanks to steve saunders


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Hi All

I wanted to change the plastics on my 290/2010 Evo from the normal white ones and to fit a different front mud guard....

The results are below

And i would like to say a big thanks to Steve Saunders for getting me the TTT Black plastics and some carbon bits and bobs...

A first class service and a great person to deal with ! :thumbup:

Cheers Steve.


NEW............ :D


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Hi DaveBarr

The best black plastic colour match to the TTT rear fender was from the gasgas and it has the bonus of the steel fork brace that the mud guard fits to..

It also has a slot in the fork brace for the front brake line to run through and it bolts straight on without any fuss.

I do prefer the gasgas mud guard... it has a better shape to it if im honest.


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That looks top mate, was thinking of getting a TTT black sticker kit for my 2007 250.


Hi Adam1

The TTT graphics do look great :icon_salut:

But they do not stick as good as the kits (SXS ones)steve supplies to be honest...

I have had a few of steves own branded ones and the have never peeled away from the plastic or aluminium frame work.

They really are top quality... :agreed:

Storm grafixs on Ebay (search under beta evo) do some nice ones and are ment to be very good quality. (they also have web site)

Cheers :thumbup:

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are the rim stickers a good job, do they get damaged when changing a tyre. they look the part but am wondering about robustness.

They are really good quality actually, At first I thought they wouldn't last very long, But I've had a set on mine for about 10 months now & still look pretty much perfect. The odd one gets scracted up a bit obviously, But there are a few spare in the set as well. Also Had a few tyres changed since the rim stickers were first put on & they hardly affect them at all.

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