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Sherpa rear engine mounting brackets


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Hi -

My first (last) posting concerned head steadies; continuing in a similar engine bracketry vein, can one of you knowledgeable Bully fans tell me what the bracket on the left fits?


This places the swing-arm pivot about 1/2" closer to a line through the engine mounting-bolt hole centres than the Sherpa 340 bracket on the right (which has the same hole spacing as the older-style alloy bracket 159.10-064).

This the second time I've bought one of the these unidentified brackets (sight unseen, of course) and was assured by the sellers in each case that it was removed from a Sherpa; I had a feeling they were Pursang, but the only MX one I have is different again, as the s/a pivot is vertically offset :-


So, I wonder, how many different brackets were there on the Sherpa range ?

Any info. much appreciated.

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I am pretty sure that the closer bracket will be off the 158, 182, 190 models which were 250's and for whatever reason had a completely different frame to the 325's. The forks, and triple clamps are also different. The bike is shorter and has more ground clearance, the swingarm is the same but the airbox is different to. The model 92 [first 325] had the swingarm pivot moved forward to get the rear wheel closer to the engine to increase traction because of the more powerful motor. Other than these models I am fairly sure the frames where the same for 250's and 325/340's. Interesting to note that the 325 had the cast alloy bracket and the 250 had the pressed steel one.

Cheers Greg

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Hi -

"Sherpa 325", I think you have it..........

Not checked out 182 & 190 models, but a little time spent with a parts book for 158 & 159 models revealed a large number of differences between 250 and 325 variants, as you stated. (I'm assuming that a different part no. does actually mean a different part.)

I think I'd largely overlooked or forgotten about these differences as all my more recent involvement with Bultacos has been focussed on later 199 bikes - thanks for reminding me.

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