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It is very strange, but that engine and frame numbers; 19804086B of that 3,200 Pounds bike don´t add up to me.

(sorry to talk about this, but the pics showing both are actually still in Ebay and have been displayed for a long time there)

199B production was of 1778 bikes, and 198B just 270 units, so the frames and numbers should start in 000001 and end in the number of units produced, 001778 for 199B and 000270 for 198B, so this is very odd to me a 198B number 4086.

Maybe I am in a mistake and the numbers of 19-B´s follow a different pattern. Could be as there are actually the last bikes produced by Bultaco after the owners left the company on hands of the workers...

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Lorenzo, it should be:

5960 units - Model 199 from frame 198000001 to 198005960

6915 units - Model 199A from frame 198005961A to 198012875A

1778 units - Model 199B from frame 198012876B to 198014653B


Total 14653 units of 325 and 350 cc in the 199 series

More or less...

But then again the numbers don´t add up correctly to me comparing with some of the books I have, as one of them says 199B started 199012885B, although the same book says the numbers of units and models produced of 199 series is exactly as I have written here. Odd.

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