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Van insurance


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Yes, that can be just one of the problems of taking the cheapest quote. What you save in premium you can easily lose elsewhere if you ever need to call on their services, you can find yourself in big trouble.

I wouldn't actually have gone with E-van last year, but luckily the threat of it made CVD 'adjust' their premium. I was going to get a quote off my car insurer instead but in the end didn't need to. We'll see this time around.

My car insurance is up on the same day as the van and I've already had the quote on that. Impreza, group 17 and it's cheaper than last year's original van quote. Just no reasoning to vehicle insurance.

car and van insurance on the same day OUCH !! insurance seems to be a legalised form of robbery sometimes, prices go up across the board and there's nothing you can do about it cos they've got you by the short & curlies, "thats the price take it or leave it"

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