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Honda TLM 260


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Hi there! I have a few questions regarding the TLM 260R;

1) Could someone please advise what Fuel/oil pre mix ratio should be?

2) The recommended gear-box oil and the correct volume?

3) The correct spark plug type?

Answers to these would be a huge help! Thanks very much.

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i run my tlm at 50:1 and i think the gear box oil is sae 10-30 w motor oil i use morris

i belive it to be 0.5L if just topping up and 0.6L if doing a engine rebuild but dont qout me on that it should say by the hole were u put the oil in.

sorry but i havent got any idea what spakr plug it is as mine is a different cc to yours (200)

;) hope this helps

and any one can correct me if im wrong

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Thanks for your reply! So 50:1 I make that 100ml oil to 5 litres of fuel (I'm no good at ratios!). Sounds about right.

No problem about the spark plug I'll make some calls. Thanks for the link aswell!!


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