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Trials pants that aren't skin tight?


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I'm looking for some pants, not necessarily trials specific, but comfortable to ride in and not motocross specific. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

some enduro type ones are good(i have a pair of scott ones what are comfy but not to tight and not to lose. if you go to bike shows you can normaly pick'em up for about

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Jitsie!! just bought some and they are great, not skin tight like my clice pants but not uber bagger like my fox motorcross pants, and they come in a variety of colours and designs, also they are much, much better quality than clice. I wear 32" pants/shorts for casual wear (perfect fit) and i bought the medium sized jitsie gear and they fit perfectly.

Cheers Brad.

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yeah Jitsie's nice fit but wish they'd do something in regards to the material in the inner leg area that's supposed to protect the leg from the exhaust......spent £105. on this years Jitsie Bolt jeans and 1st time out caught it on exhaust, burnt a 3inch hole straight through and welded itself to my leg,( slight burn still in process of healing- month later) and that was only riding to the 1st section, hence i've taken them to be repaired with glass fibre(heatproof) mat'l and covered this with offcuts of old black denim jeans and thus adding extra protection on inner leg area and hopefully never burn through again,

In the mean time i bought a 2'nd hand pair of Hebo's and they fit just as good(bit tighter- more skin hugging) but better padding aroung knee area and better inner leg protection against exhaust burns- can't say it's not gonna burn through but worn them for 2 trials and the odd ride out and still looking good....if your looking for baggy type the MSR are pretty good 2 i think they're more the enduro/mx type jeans and waterproof to..

I know what i'll be buying next time, but everybodys different

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