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Sleeve gear Bush missing on M49?


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hello, I need to jump right in with a question. I tried a few searches but am coming up empty handed. So, my Bultaco Sherpa T appeared complete when I got it, and months later when I get to maaking it run I realize a few parts are missing. The side cover was put back on to look complete, even though the clutch rod and ball bearing were missing, and the flywheel nut was missing. I also failry certain one my sleeve gear bushes (111-047) is missing. I can see one way down on the shaft, but not near the end, and I have what seems like too much play on my sprocket shaft.

My questions are- am I missing one based on this photo?


Where can I buy one- I have had zero luck searching

OR, can I make my own? Is it anything fancy or is it just a bronze bushing that spins between the two shafts?


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Hi Lance, welcome

I would imagine that a phosphor bronze bushing would be adaquate but there will be others who will jump in with a more informed opinion. Alternatively drop Dave Renham at Bultaco UK or Hugh Weaver at Hughs Bultaco a line.

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Lance -

I echo what TooFastTim says regarding finding a bush - which definitely seems to be missing.

At this point (if it was my bike), I'd be quite concerned about what else may have been simply cobbled together for the sale, including fixings that may have been left loose - or missing, and so on. The sprocket nut lockwasher has not been tabbed over - there's a dead giveaway, I feel.

I think I'd be checking the rest of the engine and/or bike over in very close detail - even partially dismantling, if need be. (I'd replace that sprocket, as well.)

This way, a possible mechanical disaster could be averted, but then - it isn't my bike..........

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I agree with Lorenzo, this bike sounds like it needs a careful inspection and a teardown to see what is really going on.

Can you tell us more about the purchase?

If you're not familiar with the bike you can consider taking it to Lynn Mobley up in Minden. Mobleys If he's still around.

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hey guys, thanks, I went to Mobley's, and he gave me the bushing I needed, big thumbs up and it installed easily. New sprocket, and I went over the whole bike checking everything. I had engine out of frame for paint and the whole bit so i addressed a lot of issues. I bought from a friend who bought it years earlier from a kind of two bit mechanic, and he hadn't done anything with it, so I knew it needed a thorough going over. Aside from coating the inside of the tank, it all appears to be on the up and up. it fired up within three kicks, and runs strong. Haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary. Thanks again!

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