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Fuel Feed Problem?


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My 2009 Evo 300 4T generally starts and runs fine. However it has some eratic problem with fuel feed. The symptoms were as follows:

#1 Bike started bogging with hard throttle them died. Eventually got it restarted and it ran fine for 5 mile return to home base. In this case the fuel level was low at the time of the original bogging/stall so I attributed it to something about not being able to consistently access the last bit of gas in the tank. In the process of restarting the bike after the stall I tried chock and manual override of the electric fuel shut off but don't know what finally did the trick.

#2 At this time I had installed a long ride seat/tank but did not have aux fuel valve open. Again bike bogged then stalled. I assumed maybe out of gas so opened the valve on the aux tank. Took MANY MANY kicks to get it going again but it eventually ran OK for rest of ride. My only guess is that once float bowl was empty it wasn't refilling properly from the aux tank after opening the valve???? I subsequetly blew into the carb vent line and found it clear.

#3 This time bike again bogged and eventually stalled. The main tank was nearlly full but I immediately opened the valve for the aux tank and started applying the choke. This time it started after a couple of dozen kicks and it ran fine for the rest of the day.

Any ideas/suggestions appreciated. Could the electric main fuel valve be at fault?


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Gday, the first thing to do would be to crack the carb drain and see of there is in fact any fuel in the bowl next time it plays up. That will eliminate or confirm a supply issue - if there is none then proceed as you believe. I have no knowledge of the electric tap, but it could be an issue.

Hope this helps,



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