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225 kit


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Yes you will, there's a method somewhere on tinternet to measure the squish when you first assemble it so that the right thickness base gasket is selected, its worth doing properly. I'd definately go for the flywheel weight, most 225ers seem to go for two! You will need the flyweheel cover spacer as well if you do this, but again I think its worth it.

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I'm running 10/44 and it works pretty well. I tried 10/42 but I was killing the motor far often.

My set up 10/44 gearing,delorto carb, long ti pipe, S3 head w/std insert, std flywheel weight.

Long Ti pipe really made a difference,better low end pull and with the 10/44 gearing made the stalling go away.

I would like to try the heavier flywheel weight but not available in the US. I have 24, 26 and 28mm flat slide carbs to experiment with next. :thumbup:

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Just fitted the 225 kit for a friend, all seems fine, the bike is much livelier now and ready for a serious test.......Scott!!

One question, head bolts cut to length or tap the cylinder deeper? I cut mine shorter but it only leaves about 6 - 8mm of thread in use. It looked like the holes in the cylinder were drilled quite deep and would thread a bit further down but I has the cylinder on the bike and didn't want to risk it!!


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