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Breidden Hill Mcc


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No, don't think so mate, was quite a few years ago that Cliff, Dave, Max and co handed over after many years, and needed a rest.

A team took over and kept things going for a couple of years (at least), including moving the club from mid Wales to Midland Centre but they also moved on and there were no takers.

We got offered a few bits of land, but fortunately, we had more land than you can shake a ****ty stick at.

I think Oswestry ran a trial at Bell Isle farm, and we were just glad to see the land get used.

You looking to take it over? :-)

Can put u in touch with some people if you need.


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Breidden Hills was my old club that Elwyn Beedles and I use to run... Its been closed down for a while now and unlikely to get back started again unless someone wants to do that. If they did then I would be willing to help them...

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cheers for the replys i wish i had the time to run it unfortualy i only get every other sunday off which is a shame but needs must i have been involved in running a club before so i no how much work goes into running a club and how its left to a few dedicacated members to keep it above board if things change at work i may be intrested

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