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Trials Central Support 2012 Dvd Now Out.


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Better late than never. This year's trialscentral supported DVD is now available. I've set up a 'buy now' option on ebay


If you want to save the world from ebay then you can also just send the same money to me via paypal making sure you give me a good clear address and I'll send you a copy. I can also still ship 2011 disks if anyone wants one. Just add £4 and let me know that you want one in the payment text. I'll be shipping every day so you shouldn't have to wait long.


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What position did Mairi Jenkins finish in then? ;o) (keep it clean boys....!)

I'm not quite sure how TC supports this these days as we don't even have a curry since you moved in with the inner circle ;) , but I'll PM you a code to put a premium Ad on trialsads.com

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As the trial draws closer I've started getting a few requests for DVDs. I've still got a few 2011 and 2012 ones if anyone wants a copy. They are still £5 each plus £1 P&P in the UK £2.50 overseas. Paypal is simple. Just PM me if you want copies.

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Is it possible to buy a copy of the DVD at either the Pre65 at Kinlochleven or the west end car park on Sunday please?

Get both. I have all the ones I have (2008 on?) copied to a single disk and often crank it up on the shop TV, great inspiration

when working on my bikes :). Excellent shots of the loop I haven't seen on any other SSDT videos I have.


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