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Trials Clubs Around Glasgow Area


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Does anyone know if there are any Trials Clubs and Club/Public Practice Areas around the Glasgow area?

I have a friend who lives there (Houston) and wishes to take up trials riding but to find out first before he buys a bike.



(nr Durham)

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I hope I'm shot down in flames for this,having Trialed for 37 years in the East I can't name one rider from Glasgow.

Dalmellington and Stevenson clubs are very active in the Southwest,Lanarkshire which really should be your local club seem to run trials anywhere but Lanarksire (tic) and the Loch Lomond Club really only run one Trial.

Details will be on SACU site.

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Scottish classic racing trials ( see web site ) are also mostly in the west The lanarkshire club although the HQ is in Edinburgh the trials are all over (see web site) You could try the Bob Mc Gregor Academy run by Ian Shankie near Dunlop Was at a trial there last Sunday I think they have a web site

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Hi Stephen,

The Bob MacGregor Trials Academy is a great place to practice and is just outside Glasgow, near Neilston. There are several trials there throughout the year and it's usually pretty busy every weekend.

There's also coaching on most Saturdays which suits most levels.

Best bet is to get your friend to go along and have a shot of a bike and talk to some of the guys.

The academy is open every Saturday and most Sundays. There's also a group of us who ride there every Thursday night and he is more than welcome to come along.

You / he can get more info from the facebook page. Loads of photos etc included on there too. http://www.facebook.com/BobMacGregorTrialsAcademy


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