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36V Motor Swinging Arm Onto 24V Oset


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I had the 24V OSET 16.0, and I purchased the 36V swingarm kit from OSET and yes, it did fit (not 100% sure that is where you are getting your swingarm?).

I needed the upgrade too because I had previously taken the 24V motor apart to clean it hoping it would improve what had been a deteriorating performance (I then found out cleaning was not required, but new batteries were), but alas, the magnet was impossible for me to put back together.

On the positive side, it meant the rear band brake was upgraded to a disc brake. I also went to LIPOs at a higher amperage, and the lighter weight plus higher punch was fabulous.

On the negative side, when I received the "36V" kit, which includes an upgraded controller, the motor itself had a sticker that said "24V". And there is nothing about it on the outside that was different from the older 24V motor I had taken apart.

What I would do is just get the controller upgrade, add an additional battery (or go to LIPOs), and run the 24V motor at 36V. It seems others on this list have done this and none has reported a burnt motor "yet".


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Hi Thanks for the reply. I have got the 36v swinging arm and motor but it seems to be 4mm to wide to fit between the clamps.

Am i doing something wrong or are there different arms on other years, mines a 2009 oset not sure the year of 36v arm and motor


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