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Did Any Americans Ride Us Wtc


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I wanted to log in as a guest to post this but don't know how. Of course some did but I guess since they were so low on the scoreboard there hasnt been any mention of it on The 1st headline stories on TC or Cycle News ,maybe there is some follow up on its way. great weekend in Tennessee and not a complete disaster with new scoring ,even a positive point or two ,I thought.

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Well Pat was 12th and 11th. CODy Webb would have been 4th and 7th on the blue line.(rode international)

Roper and Davis tried hard. Fastle was top American in 125. Was so much fun watching our riders!

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That site is too complicated for me to figure out.

I just keep cliickin' until I see what I want,but when I go back and try clicking something a second time I usually get something different,Lots of interesting info there,It's like a Box of Chocolates...

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