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Golden Tyre Experiences


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Has anyone outthere tried a goldentyre front tyre and what was it like?

I need an new front tyre for a Scorpa SY 250 and would like to try a Goldentyre as IRC tyres are hard to get in Holland.

I am a novice and overhere we ride on sand and mud most of the times.

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never yet herd of anyone who uses them, my dad runs a major tyre depot here in Kent (just outside London) and sells lots of trials tyres (Michelin, IRC, Pirelli, Vee Rubber and very rarely Dunlop). I'm sure it wouldn't be insurmountable to mail order some tyres to you (i think several of the online shops in the UK also offer tyres), but it might depend upon international couriers...

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Thanks for the info.

I'll keep that in mind.

I posted the question because a friend of mine deals with trials gear and is thinking about taking up the dealership of Goldentyre to replace the IRC tyre.

A lot of us overhere are using IRC at the moment, i am using them on my Fantic and they perform well in the sand, but the dutch importer can't seem to get them at the moment.

So we are looking for a replacement for the IRC.

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Just an update.

I have mounted a Goldentyre front tyre on my Scorpa.

Just have to say, absolutley love it!

In the sand and the mud it is fantastic, loads off grip and feel and super light steering even when i'm standing still, what works nowadays with me.

I can put in about 0,1 bar more off pressure in it compared to a Michelin and this makes a difference like night and day.

At the end off the season i will have to change the reartyre, it will also be a Goldentyre for my Scorpy. :irish:

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