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How To Remove / Replace A Broken Spoke


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This weekend we broke a spoke on the front wheel of our Sherco 125. My question is how to get the spoke out of the hub as the remaining good spokes in the hub appear to prevent the "head" of the broken spoke getting past. This means extracting a single spoke is difficult / impossible??

Tomorrow I'll post a photo to make it clear but anyone who has done this will understand what I mean.

I'm hoping there's a simple "trick" to it...... Any ideas??
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It depends on how the wheel is laced and which spoke broke ... Sometimes you may have to remove some surrounding spokes to change the one you broke . Take your time and think about which ones have to come out to allow you to remove the broke one. sometimes I number the hub and rim in order of sequence to remove and install them , put them all back where they came from . Close up photo's can help too ! And a touch of anti seize on the nipple end never hurts either .

Have Fun !!!!


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I have done the bend trick described by Copemech above on a Bultaco rear wheel but still had grind a little off the threads to shorten it so that bending didn't leave a permanent kink in the spoke, but as long as there is enough thread left then that shouldn't be a problem.

regards Martin

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I hated he "bend-it-trick" but sometimes it's necessary.....if it's possible.

Assuming you need to get the old nipple out may as well make a decent job of it. Also if you dab some Anti Seize on the thread (each spoke thread in fact) it won't happen again. So do it good now so you can forget it later lol!

All the best.


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