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Honda Tlr 200 Repsol - Loads Of Mods


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just finished this, going to test ride tomorrow

started out as a tlr 200 reflex


the head stock was cut through the tubes


backing plates were added inside the tubes and fully butt welded


you can see the difference in this picture


the footpegs were lowered and s3 pegs added, all surplus brackets removed and painted black


the engine was paint stripped and the head removed to sort some leaks


gasgas forks were added as my other tlr


then the new bits started to arrive, new tank, rear mudguard, front mudguard, front pipe, rear exhaust, handle bars, fork guards, swing arm guards, alloy shocks, wheels powder coated and new spokes, new custom decals




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rode it today at richmond trial but was let down by carb flooding, took most of the trial to sort it out , manged to still get 1 1/2 laps in so tried it out

the front springs are very soft even with loads of preload, think they might be 125 gasgas

rode great other wise

swapped carb and forks from other bike, out again tomorrow to try again

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Is that a Gollner tank? What tank is on your white bike if you don't mind me asking?

How much did you Change your wheel base? What did you base your measurements on?

I'm shopping for tanks for my reflex and am not sure if I want a full fiberglass unit or the Gollner style. I would like the most narrow one possible.

I have an old beta techno...not sure if I want to part it out for the forks but I love the idea...

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thanks for the questions

its a shedworks tank on the red one, aluminium tank (better with modern fuel) , fibreglass shroud, any colour you want,

the white bike, i dont know, was on when i bought it, plastic tank, fibreglass shroud

wheelbase i will have to check, matched the fork angle to the 4rt

you can get old gasgas or beta shocks and yoke for £100,. so its your choice, makes a massive difference with rockshocks and good forks

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get it modified,

Believe me, I'm on the fence about this. A nice modded TLR would be cool, but then again OJ has....some...history just the way it is. Not to mention the fact that in it's current state, I'm certainly not afraid to take it out and beat the crap out of it in competition. I'd think twice about that if I made it too nice. I own users, not museum bikes.

But your scoot is super-cool..... :unsure:

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