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4Rt New 260 - Who's Got One?


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How bad? This isn't what I need to hear but I've wanted the new mudguard for a while... :)

Here's a couple of photos, you need to take into consideration that in the photos, my mates bike has a Mitani silencer and Mitani carbon cover, so it doesn't fit that setup without without further trimming underneath, where you can't see. But on a standard exhaust setup, it should fit. As you can see from the tank mudguard join, it is possible with a bit of modifying.



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Ross it will fit, tried it on my friends 2012 Mont, but around the tank it doesn't look nice, would need modifying.

A skilfully used dermal would do the job probably. ;-)

Just the sort of intel I was hoping to hear. Many thanks.

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Hi all,

I've got the new Repsol 260 and rode it at the Loughborough trial a couple of weeks ago and I love it, it was on ebay for sale at the time I started the trial and by the time I reached section 4 I called the wife and told her to remove it ASAP...

I find the grip fantastic and the way the bike feels planted and stable in sections is a great confidence booster although the jury is still out regarding the gearing .

I had a new 2013 Raga rep 250 previous to the Montesa and I have to say the suspension and build quality are worlds apart, the Gas Gas was good to ride but had an awful habit of breaking…(front brake calliper, fuel tank, the fuel tap fell out, clutch casing I crashed it clipped a rock and holed it, non in stock at Gas Gas!!! A new set of wheels as the std original ones the anodising was so poor it like they were years old)… enough said on build quality of the Gas Gas.

The only issue with the Montesa i've had up to now is a snatchy clutch and since bleeding it it has cured the problem.

So the love affair started at Rileys railway Loughborough trial and since then the modifications have started which include shedding up to now almost 4 kgs from the bike by removing all of the STD bolts "engine and chassis" and replacing them with a full titanium kit, Raptor footrest hangers Raptor pegs and Raptor titanium snail cams, i've removed the STD steel water hose clamps and fitted special fitting heat resistant black plastic items, HRC carbon rear reservoir cap, Mitani 27mm titanium front pipe, my own home made alloy quick release fuel tank bolt, home made flush fuel tank breather cap and various other bits and pieces of carbon most of it from Banyeres in Spain.

I think it is fair to say my new obsession has just begun and I will post some pics of it very soon.


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Thanks for the gearing advice I will try that as I find 1st to low and 2nd to tall with the std gearing is this a common thing???


I will try and weigh it over the weekend I've just machined a Ti swing arm bolt for it so the weight will come down a bit more.

I will do some pics of the bike over the weekend and post them I will also line all of the nut & bolts up and get some pics of them and post a pic to show what I have changed, glad you liked the report.


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Phil, gearing is very high as standard, 10/41, most riders around hear run 9/43 or 9/42 (100 link chain 9/42) which slows the bike down in first gear, but still allows you to do most sections in 1st or 2nd gear. I think a lot of the expert riders prefer standard gearing. Looking forward to seeing what you have done.

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Just to hear the opinion of others: I'm told that the standard 260 4RT rides better than the Race replica, it's got better suspension I'm told...

Not better, different. The standard bike has a "more bouncy/springy feel" but doesn't feel so plush or as well damped as the showa's. If you trick ride, you may prefer the standard setup, but the showa's definitely have the best quality feel, all really depends on your own personal thoughts, which is why I would recommend anyone interested to have a go on a demo before buying, make your own mind up, don't base it on what others have said, as one may suit your style better than the other.

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Its pretty pointless me trying to tell you how much better my 14 is than my tricked up 06 so all I will say is try one you won't be disappointed.

I honestly believe that Honda are really missing a trick, when Bou wraps the championship a round early they should take 6 crated up standard bikes and get a member of the public to chose which standard bike Bou rides. He may not win but I'd put my mortgage on a podium.

Me, I ride one because I appreciate the build quality and riding it puts as smile in my face!

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