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Sherco 250 2008 Frame And Engine No.


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Shouldn't need either, part number is 1480 for the stand, s132 for the bracket which is meant to be common to all years. The alloy arm isn't cheap but is meant to fit from 2008 on. Looking on splatshop's site gives a total for the whole 2008 assembly as costing about 125pounds

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When ordering sherco parts you normally don't need the engine or frame number if you know the year, in general if the newer part fits older models then the part number stays the same & only the newer part is available

Looking at the stand parts list shows only 1 number for the bracket, pivot bolt & screw, didn't check spring numbers, the actual stand lists both the old straight steel type & the newer shaped aluminium type

Have a good look around Splatshops site & you'll see what I mean, should be a advertising link pop up on the home page etc at some stage for you to follow or go to www.splatshop.co.uk/

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I had a look around and i found a complete side stand for a sherco. The only problem is that it says I need three 20mm and one 12mm but i have only got 3 tapped holes. Here is the link to the side stand. www.splatshop.co.uk/sherco-side-stand-complete.html

According to splat shop if you click on the bracket they sell it didn't change from 1999 to 2010, mine had 2x20mm and 1x12 closest to the engine,, i took a picture but i cant find an option to upload your own photos in replies.

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