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Gaunt Suzuki


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Can anybody tell me if this is one of the original Gaunt Suzukis?


Or somebody's replica? If so, who built it? (I found it on the web somewhere, but I can't find it again)


Nice little bike!



Edit: I found the website it came from


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Hi all

Just on the Gaunt Suzuki issue I have a proper Gaunt Suzuki which was owned by different mates back in the 70s which has the updated MP600 forks ( which I think in the day were fit to works Greaves bikes etc and have approx 5.25 inch of travel which in day (1967 G Reg bike ) was space age technology lol...

It suffered a broken second gear it the 70s and the ultra fast ordering replacement systems in the day was approx 9 month wait for a gear from Japan..... by the time my mate obtained the gear he had progressed to different newer bikes, so I bought the Gaunt and I also purchased a Yam FS1E fuel tank which seemed to suit it better... I was going to weld up the mono shock frame and make the fuel tank in to the frame but never changed it.

I have the original part chrome fuel tank to keep it original.

It has the three low and lever change for three high speed ( not so space age tech !! ) it's based on a Suzuki B120p engine. I never did obtain the reg docs as my mate was always going to send them to me and I never chased this up and not sure now after all the years if I could obtain the original reg number ???

Like all of us the years have knocked the looks of the bike which has been greased up and wrapped up for long term storage and soon I will have time to restore back to its full beauty and if any interest in it I will post some pics of the bike.. Back in the late 60s these little bike were  called  "Jap crap" when riding with these bikes in the Leeds club trials at post hill etc which I think Mr Guant used to test the bikes....

After all those years I still love bikes and have some road bikes but still a full Montesa man and currently have a beauty 123 and some 348 and 349s to restore 

cheers Chill


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On 7/18/2023 at 3:45 PM, madgaz said:

I purchased a Gaunt Suzuki brand new when I was 16, in 1971. It was converted by Peter Gaunt at Ray Dell motorcycles in Pudsey, Leeds. It was based on the Suzuki TS 125. It cost me £325.00.

I bought one second hand (very) in Pudsey in about 1975. TS125 and it was an absolute dog…!!!! 

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3 hours ago, majesty said:

You sure it wasn't a bear 😆

Haha! It was horrendous. Weighed a ton and everything went wrong. Had clearly been thrashed and not had any servicing. But as a naive 14 year old how was I to know!!! Bought for £170 (paper round money) and sold within 6 weeks for about 50% less. Gutted…

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