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Ossa 250 2014


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A friend of mines just got the Ossa dealership.

He's got a new 250 Ossa as a demo.

Next Sat he's having a test day.

Will let you know how it goes.

Obviously it will be rubbish compared with my Scorpa.

Don't mind lowering my standards for a morning..

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I rode a 2014 Ossa Trial 3 weeks ago at a local event. The same guy i borrowed it from had owned a 2013 model as well which id ridden.

The new bike is spot on. It started 2nd kick. Everything was very nice as youd expect.

The one thing that was incredible was the engine. The power is just so smooth and progressive. It almost feels electric. I just cant imagine getting into any trouble with this engine. It delivers its power to the back wheel with no vibration and is smooth unlike any other trial bike ive ever ridden.

The engine and injection set up is incredible. It feels heavier and is a bit larger than my JTG.

I prefer the JTG handling and chasis ( the whole chasis package), but the engine on the Ossa is very nice and will , i think help significantly with finding grip

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Thanks Breagh for lowering your standards, heaven knows I have been doing that my whole life :closedeyes:. I look forward to your thoughts.

Nice review gasgas249uk, You have been doing a great job selling me on the JTG, but there seems better support for the Ossa here in the states (Lewisport is fired up on them). This will be my first new bike so the comparison really helps.

Thank you.

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That's a well kept secret Breagh with no info about it on his website - any more details? His site e-mail's not working either.

It's on the East Scotland trials forum,but you would be hard pushed to find it.

Must be keeping it low key to avoid riff raff appearing(me).

Anyway Dunfermline are now running a trial on Saturday so it's going to be a guddle.

It would be better on Sunday at Glenlomond as nothings on (SACU presentation)

I'll let you know.

If you want to phone Iain it's 01337 860255.

(Still Glenlomond Sat morning,that's all I know)

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Breagh did you get go on the 250?

No I had to support the local trial,but the bike was at Glenlomond.

A pal (yes I've got one) was well impressed said the clutch was much better than the earlier ones also easy to start.

Said he preferred it to his 2011 280 Scorpa,felt much lighter.

Hope to get a play soon..

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If you want to sell the bike after one or two years, forget the 250, nobody will buy it, even it might be the better bike for most people....

Take a 300 and put a soft mapping on it, my Explorer is very smooth on the bottom and has power on the top end, but soft, not agressive, thats the advantage of fuel injektion, easy to make it suitable to your needs....

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think I've seen on facebook that theres a test day this Saturday somewhere

in Whitby been held by Andy Metcalf and Ossa UK which will have the 2014

125, 250, and 300 bikes to test


Did anyone on here attend this test day. I would be interested to hear your views on the 2014 models.
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