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How Can I Tell The Year Of Sherco Bike?

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Not sure on picking year other than being able to see the bike to see suspension, brakes etc, never really studied the frame number enough to see if there is year included in the number

Engine size is easier, first part of engine number gives the size ie st25 is a 250, st29 is a 290 & st12 is a 125

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Hi I had this problem as well for ordering a kick stand. To find the year you need to have the frame no. (located on the right hand side of your steering column) the 10th number is the year built. (For me it's 7, I have an 08 though.) For the cc you need the engine no. The engine number is located in front of your back suspension on the left hand side. There will be two letters before it then the cc. For me it's 250. Hope this helps :-)

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2004 sherco 250. Couldn't restist it, It says so on the left !!! Best way is to phone or email sherco uk. Beta has a list of frame and engine numbers published on their site, I know it doesnt help with this topic but why can't sherco do the same.

All the motocross manufactures have given the acu list's of frame and matching engine numbers with years to help machine examiners at events identify stolen bikes.

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