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Yamaha Ty250 1974 Owner's Manual Needed For A New Guy.


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Hello members,

New to this forum and awaiting delivery of my first trials bike. I was able to download a PDF of a Parts Manual and now I need a basic "quick start" type owner's manual which covers the basic service requirements of the TY250a.

I have never owned a motorcycle and can't wait to join this community.

Thanks ahead.

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i had my first trials bike about a month ago and new nothing about how to service it but now with the help from this forum, youtube and trials uk i can now do any maintenance job to keep my bike in good working order, i found this on the net, (yamaha ty manual northover) it's for a ty and not the tya, i don't know what the difference is but it looks very informative, their is trials uk but i think it's more for modern bikes than the classics.

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Try the add section at the back of Decembers either Motorcycle Mechanics or Practical sports bikes (the edition with the Ducati 916 on the front cover) and there's a guy selling secondhand TY and DT Workshop manuals.They're as good as anything else available.Good luck with your venture.


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Reprinted manuals for heaps of bikes are available from e-classicbike.com , I've had a couple of different manuals from him. Stephen is a twinshock trials rider here in New Zealand, have ridden against him a few times on his Ossa gripper

This is his eBay store listing for the 250A

YAMAHA Workshop Manual TY250 A TY250 1974 Service & Repair | eBay

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