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Ariels Not In Scotland!


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The Ariel was a popular machine in trials throughout the UK and enjoyed a further spurt in popularity when pre-65 trials were introduced.

Just such an example is seen in this offroadarchive photograph of our January Pre-65 trial when I was very much involved in the Bath Classic club in 2000. The event attracted just ninety-two entries, one of which was Roger Morgan riding Jack Coles' Ariel HT5.



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Nice picture Deryk,I was tyring to work out where it was taken.That HT5 looks far more trick than mine,which is ex Derek Pilenger with an Alan Brown oil carrying frame.Derek must have been riding it in Bath trials around that time - do you have any pictures ?

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Hi jon V8,

Yes I certainly remember taking photographs of Derek Pillinger on his Ariel, so when I get down to them in this ever increasing pile of queries I'll certainly post them for you.

And for metisse, what's wrong with a few old chestnuts then, as long as they're nicely roasted? I now find that my taste has altered and they make a suitable accompaniment for the winter sprouts......

Sadly, I miss the ORR days as well - but I still have the ORR reg on my car - but found it interesting when we went for a ferry ride to the island of Gigha, just of the coast up here in bonny Scotland - apparently some of the landed gentry there belong to the 'Orr' family and we found respectful old fellows tending to touch their forelocks when they saw the car number plate!!


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