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Rl 250 Best Mods


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I've just acquired a solid rl250 and have begun disassembly for painting.

Other than the flywheel weight that many suggest, are there any other mods that would improve the performance of this bike? I read somewhere that cutting the steering head and tucking in the front end 3-4 degrees would help the turning capabilities. Thoughts?



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When Beamish modified the RL250 they cut 1" from the fork stanchions, put a reducer in the carb to bring it down to 24mm, used a #27.5 pilot and #120 main jets and added a 1Kg flywheel weight to them magneto. If you do fit a flywheel weight, make sure you remove the small piece of aluminium webbing in the bottom of the casing or it will foul the weight. Beamish also threw away the Suzuki frame in favour of their own but there are only a handful of those in the States!

If you are riding a courses laid out for twinshocks there should be no need to alter your steering angle, if you are riding ones that are laid out for modern bikes then you probably do!

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After a long delay the RL is nearing completion. I found a steel tank with a couple of minor dents and decided against the bondo / rattle can repair. Instead I went ahead and used my powder coater and slapped some yellow on it. It's a bit cobby to be sure, but for a rider / loaner it suits me and is durable. The yellow also perfectly matches the new fenders.


The frame cut makes for a nice, sharp turn. The silencer isn't standard and a bit on the loud side. It starts very easily and runs strong. The motor puts out a lot of noise, though. I was thinking of some rubber between the fins like my 199 Bul. Didn't these RL's come stock with rubber inserts between the head fins?


The top end is new and tolerances what they should be. Here's a pic. Sort of reminds me of the 1975 RM125 tank and graphics.

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I took a look at the parts diagram and saw the cylinder head rubber inserts. I remember those.


The diagram also lists a cylinder rubber.


Can anyone tell me where those go and how many they require?


Hope to take her out for a shakedown ride soon.

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