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Txt Pro 250 2010


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Seen a 2010 TXT 250 for sale near me, I wasn't planning on changing my bike just yet but it seems really clean.

Any comments on this bike, is it OK for a novice who is moving off the total novice mark to the not so novice point ? Any issues I should look out for?



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Great bike,check linkage for play,genaral wear and tear,ask owner how frequently he changes gear oil,wants to be every 6 meetings or less,clutches sometimes drag but easily fixed,check its got genuine gear lever and brake pedal,aftermarket ones are sometimes too soft,not too much for a novice with a slow action throttle

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Thanks Huski

Bike is at a dealer so I dont think I will be able to get a run down on the history unless he has receipts.

I might take a chill pill and keep the Beta for a bit longer and maybe get a 2013/14 bike at the end of year.

But if I do go forward I will take note of your advice.


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