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Joined The Scorpa Club Today.


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Always wanted one and now i have one, first ride will be on saturday a cowm quarry, looking forward to it.

will it be happy with putoline tt premix oil? if so how many ml to 5 litres. Regular unleaded ok?

Do i oil the filter like on my beta? anything else i need to know?

thanks in advance.


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Welcome to the club :dunce:

Great looking bike!

I use a 100+ octane fuel for both my Scorpa and my Fantic, both machine seem to run smoother on this kind of stuff.

For the Scorpa i use a premix off 100 to 1 as i don't let it work that hard, i'm not riding in WTC events.

This means 50 ml of oil on 5 litres off fuel.

The filter should be oiled as it is a so called whet filter.

On the Scorpa you should clean it regularly, it gets dirty. i clean my filter at least every month and i ride a second bike besides my Scopra!

Enjoy jour ride next saturday.

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Hi love the bike what year is it, it looks like an 2003 as I have just bought one too.

I have never had a trials bike before and the scorpa seems awesome lovely and smooth at the bottom end and not aggressive on and off the throttle for a newb like me.

Yours looks like its had a very easy life I had to weld my centre box, grind the engine number boss, clean the carb and air filter and give it a good clean and polish.

Enjoy it you wont regret it.

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A wee tip it's important to keep as much mud etc away from the filter intake as possible.

The design is not perfect.

This means a bit duct tape here and there and some sealing round the top of the airbox.

Get a look at some others to see what there owners have done.

Never run mine at 100.1,more like 70/80 ml per 5l.

Only other thing keep an eye on the fan switch,they always give bother..

Great bikes.

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