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Throttle Tamer

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Here are the instructions, this should give most of the details that are needed to decide.

Throttle Tamer Instructions V1.0.pdf

It is a inline device that fits between the throttle and controller.

Here are also a couple of pictures of the device.

Please be aware that I do not make these or sell these devices, I just think that It may be a good solution to a problem that some are having with throttle control on electric bikes.



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After purchasing and testing one of these tamers on an Oset 16 36v I can honestly say that its a great piece of kit. Its essentially a tuning tool.

The vmin and vmax can be optimised giving speed range and more importantly the power throughout the twist of the throttle. The accel and buffer are great for taking the snappiness out of the bike giving a steady acceleration, which is key for maneuvering and kids trials

Also its small, compact and fits easily next to relay under seat discreetly.

There was some teething issues with the controller in the beginning and special thanks to gwhy (Kevin) for the help and spending the time!

Anyone else planning to buy one please make sure that you specify if its for an Oset!

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Hope this thread is still live.

Where did you get these throttle tamers?

I've just bought my son a 2011 Oset 16.0 36v and having a few issues with a very lively throttle response.

Thanks in advance.

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the tamers are no longer available.. sorry. I have posted a few other options that you can experiment with listed with in this oset thread. 

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