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V5C For Unregistered Bike


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Does anyone know the procedure for registering a never-registered bike? I've got a Bultaco Sherpa T M92 I want to get a V5C for. The DVLA website tells me to " get form V765 endorsed by a vehicle owners club" - can't find a Bultaco owners club!

Apparently getting a V5C was easy til recently...

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covered many many times in these pages.. get dating letter from an approved source ( via dvla website) get nova1 from hmrc get insurance on frame number get mot on frame number pop in post with a cheque.. wait.. wait either you ll get it all back with a 'dear john' letter or you ll get a v5c or you ll get an appointment to produce said vehicle for inspection..

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Dear All,

Just successfully registered my Frontera 370. I used Dave Renham at In Motion / Bultaco UK Ltd for a dating certificate, the DVLA were fine about it so he is OK to use. The alternative, the VMCC wanted £120 for their certificate. 


Paul C

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