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Stupid 4Rt Question-Jitsie Airfilters


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I recently ordered a couple Jitsie airfilters for my 05 4rt. It's pretty obvious that they don't use the stock mesh flame arrester, but to you use the top plastic frame or just put the bolts through the holes in the filter and call it good? I've been using the plastic holder and bolt holes in the filter are getting torn off.


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I use the jitsie air filters as well and I use the plastic flange, without it I don't think you can be sure to get a good seal between the air box and the filter between the bolts. Have not had a problem with the filter ripping around the holes.

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I have had no issue using the plastic filter cover. My '14 stock filter is so much better than the non-genuine I have as spares. Weren't branded but would probably be Jitsie?

Also there was a "blue" coloured, thinnish filter oil on the air filter....bike new out of the crate.

Anyone know the oil the factory uses for air filters?

I'm using motor oil (as recommended) and seems to work well but the factory stuff might be a better product to trap dust?


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