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Formula Brake Advice


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Hi all

apart from the usual advice of "bin em" I'm trying to sort out my rear brake.The two pots on the rear move out to meet the disc but on release one returns more than it should. The next time you apply the brake there is more travel than you want. So far I have

bled the system,

replaced the offending pot (had some spare ones)

Checked travel of master cyl piston

checked disc for warping

It's still doing it so i'm thinking maybe there is some blockage in an oil hole in the master cyl.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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The rear on my sherco did this also, pistons have such a short skirt in the formula calliper that when you're getting low on pads they can skew easily when returning.

Not sure if this is your problem but I fixed it by forcing the pads back into the calliper and replacing the pads

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