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Petrol Mix For Gasgas 125


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Hi I have just bought a 2005 gas gas 125, I was told petrol mix was 50:1 when bought it, so I filled it with 50:1 but since had it home its struggling..when its stood ticking over and then you set off the power goes flat to stalling if you don't catch it in time..plus started to smoke. Its ok when reving out just on set off and ticking over. Does anyone know the correct mix or any idea s. Thankyou.

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No one responded to your previous post as is a question that has been asked a million times and has been answered a million and one times.....resulting in a million and two different answers.

please use the search function next time.

ill help you out though.....

use fully synthetic two stroke oil.

I use 66:1 but alot of others use 80:1

Take your pick.

ps: welcome :)

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