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2010 Beta Evo Over Reving?


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Hello, this is my first post on here so be gentle! I'm new to trials and have bought a 2010 250 Evo. I've done a handful of trials and I'm steadily improving but every now and again the bike revs out of control. I've simply hit the kill switch and there's been no drama but I've checked all the obvious stuff and put it down to the throttle cable getting trapped? Is this a well know problem or am I missing anything?

The bike has proved to be fantastic other than that ,but I' have no idea if this was a good choice as a first trials bike? It certainly has plenty of power and I have added a slow action throttle which has given me a bit more control.

Any suggestions for making the bike newbie friendly would be much appreciated otherwise I'll just get out there and ride ! Thanks.

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I had the same thing happen twice in nationals recently. Its usually the throttle cable sleeve being pulled on causing the slide to lift.

make sure your cable is routed correctly and doesn't get pulled or bind when steering is at full lock. I zip tied my cable at various points points to prevent this from happening. I also used small zip ties to secure the rubber boot to the throttle housing and to the cable (NB use small ties here so that you can still yank the cable out in a run away situation).

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Hi, I had an issue with a new domino throttle. The slot where the round barb on the end of the cable sits in the tube wasn't formed properly and some times the barb would twist causing the throttle to not return fully and it would rev high. It did this about 3 times on a ride and took me a while to find it as when I restarted the bike it had reseated and all was well. I filed the slot a little deeper so the barb sat right and the problem was cured. Make sure when the throttle is returned there is some slack on the cable.

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