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i have same mudguard stays on my 199B in blue they lift the guard high. i would try to losen all the syay bolts and from the rear off the guard puss up and forward. and at the same time tighten the rear bolts then the front this should raise the guard up a little bit. those stays look like sammy miller stay with the 1 fixing hole on top. they normally don't cause any problems they should raise the guard up high. as for the chain ajust with snail cams or take a link out. it should be set so you can get your thumb between the chain tensioner. and the S/Arm also both snail cams should be set the same. not having ago just trying to help you.

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if the chain tensioner is sticking try to slacken the bolt off if it's not that may be the spring or the tensioner it catching on something. another thing is with the chain tenstoner where the rubber block bolts on put the small nuts on the out side with the sloted side to the wheel this way theres no chance off the bolts rubbing on the tyre.

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Yep I use an ali polish called Belgom - it leaves a wax residue to help protect.

I initially used my drill and a polish kit (different wheels and compound) then keep it fresh with Belgom. It's not the cheapest but on the other hand you don't need to use a huge amount.

Thanks for the tips re the chain tensioner - I'll check that out this weekend.

Happy buffing


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