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Bike On The Back Of My Car...

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As a owner of a Dave Cooper take to bits trailer I have your answer.It is excellent! 6 bolts and its built or dismantled.....3 peices AXLE with rubber torsion type suspension and BED is in 2 parts  simplicity itself. A towing board with lights is held on with a couple of bungees  3 or4 ratchet straps and a special nylon webbing strap that straddles the handlebars an'd the bike is secure....[ as long as you compress the forks enough when you strap it on so they are under tension] Handles absolutely excellent on the road no bouncing about or skittish stuff and I have been on the minutes a few times so am talking 60MPH on open country roads not tootlin about. Only thing is the finish goes off in minutes so if your bothered about keeping things looking slik then it needs powder/nylon coating and the boxes that are the independent suspension that are on the axle beam; need painting with hammerite etc plus grease the backs of the wheel hubs/carriers or it will look 10 years old after using it once when it is raining[not that that will be a problem in Britain].It is not that small dismantled; but it means you can keep it inside away from the naughty people and constant rain.


You've almost convinced me ;) , but you've thrown a slight doubt onto something that I thought was a strength: the finish. A zinc-plate-and-passivate finish should be durable but I suppose if the passivation isn't done right then you've got plain zinc and that's quickly going to form a white powdery oxide. Is that what you're suggesting?


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On 1/2/2015 at 5:53 PM, gasgas125otis said:

I'm 17 in January and I'm going to start driving lessons, when I have passed both my theory and practical is it legal for me to have a bike rack on the back of my car to transport my gas gas or do I have to be a certain age? Strange question I know, thank you in advance for any help.

Check the nose weight on the car you're using. Most little cars are around 50kg so technically it's not legal but you'd have to get pulled by a police officer on a bad day for them to actually choose action I'd imagine. Just take in to consideration a trial bike on the rack and all the gear loaded in the back will increase the chance of understeer while driving. So just take your time when driving with a bike on the back in a little car. You should be fine though.

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