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Wheel Building


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Got a set of stainless spokes from Inmotion and i cannot build the wheel same 2 cross patern that was the way it was when i took it apart.

They say the spokes are for 3 cross patern .

Can any post a picture of 3 cross patern so i can copy.

Thank you


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Which model? Which wheel? There are different hubs fitted to early and later models. This is what I THINK

Later type front wheel crosses three times

Early front wheel crosses three times

Rear wheels cross twice

Early front


Later front


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One thing that threw me off the first time I rebuilt a Bultaco sherpa wheel was that the inner spokes all go the same direction. And the outers the opposite direction (cross two or three). This type of design is not used on modern wheels and as a professional motorcycle mechanic I only had experience on the new stuff. Not sure why akront or Bultaco for that matter built the wheels that way. Anyways check to make sure you've got it laced that way.


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Its a 198.

The long spokes are to long and have to much of a bend to do a 2 cross patern.

The original spoke patern is as above.

The 198 spoke set - ie: for the later front wheel - from In Motion fits the later wheel correctly as I've used them, so have you definitely got the correct set. Just measure the spokes you have and check the length with them

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Greeves To help answer your question; checked for ally nipples as follows;

m49, m92, m199, 199a, would guess more but these were at hand.

Don't know what after market might be, probably some sort of 400 series

stainless (magnetic).

Original spokes non magnetic.(mine anyway)

Hope this helps.


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Hi Midlife. I have had the spokes bend before on a Pursang wheel I was respoking and I was told I had the rim on the wrong way around. So flip the rim over and it will work out okay. It helps when you strip a rim to mark which side goes where as in sprocket side on the back and brake side on the front. I hope this helps. Graham.

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Just finished lacing wheel

3 cross long side

2 cross short side

Just a true up,i think it will be ok

:banana: :banana: :banana:

Don't wanna give you banana skins to slip on, but you sure ? - doesn't sound right to me.......

198 std. front wheel is spoked to a " X3" pattern, i.e. each outer spoke crosses over three inner spokes on the same side

of the hub. This applies to both left and right sides of the wheel - long and short spokes alike. As in Woody's second image...

Not sure about pattern spokes, but OEM Bultaco spokes came as 18 long spokes (inner and outer) left , 9 short spokes (inner) & 9 short spokes (outer) right , meaning different lengths, by the way.

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