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I've just sold my Beta Evo 250 2009 which I thought was a cracking bike. I was thinking of going for a newer 2012 Beta Evo, again 250 2stroke.

Are there any problems that I should know about? After replacing my frame on the 2009 model I want to avoid another problem like that.

All I want is a reliable bike that will start when I want it to - is another make better? I had a 97 gas gas before that and that was a pain to start.

I thought about getting a Scorpa 250 before the 09 Evo. What ever I go for will not be ridden hard (well not for a couple of years yet)


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250 evo is a good choice but your budget is pushing it a bit for a nice 12 model Best to buy on condition,a clean 11 would be a better buy than a less than good 12 Sorting out a well used one can get expensive

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The 2009 EVO was the 1st of that model and the original frame did have problems, mine has the upgraded frame and I am very happy with it and would get another EVO if and when I get another bike as they IMO have only made improvements each year to the model since then.


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Went for a EVO 2012. Only had it out to tootle around the yard so far but seems great. I need to tweak the suspension set up to how I like it. It is currently super soft and I like a bit more spring.

How common is the problem of the sticky float in the carburettor?

Thanks for the advice!

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