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What Did You Do To Your Bultaco Today?

scot taco

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On 23/3/2018 at 10:23 AM, fourex said:

That looks like a beauty, the 199A we saw here in Australia had a plastic tank. Did the 199A still wear a fibreglass tank in other markets?

The 199 was the last model Sherpa to sport a fibre glass tank. This changed to plastic mid production run with all subsequent models (199A & 199B) having the plastic tanks and Alloy exclusively for the UK.

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Went out to garage, opened doors and looked at frame on racking, looked across at  wheels stored under racking, looked at weather, looked time, looked at she who must be obeyed, closed garage door, scowled at next doors cat, went shopping!

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Phase two now completed

Mikuni carb

Electronic ignition

wider foot rests

"raced up" with some stickers and carbon front plate



Plastic mudguards

Starts first kick, runs as sweet as a nut :) Just need a free weekend and we're away, ready to roll! :




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After a long lay off due to other commitments finally she’s done and started second kick, rode her down the drive and back tested all gears worked, set idle and tested kill switch. Now up for sale as another project in the pipeline.

















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My Frontera's last MOT expired last May. As of last week it is officially 40 years old and now MOT exempt. I went on the DVLA  on line site and payed the VED (Road tax) I had to pay but as from April I can change the taxation class to Historic when the tax becomes free.

I keep all my bikes on a multi bike insurance policy even when out of use so this 40 year rolling MOT exemption is going to be a big bonus. I have 5 bultaco's and a vintage car in the garage and all are now MOT exempt and as from April all will be NIL rate VED

So  what did I do to my Bultaco today? Had a blast round the local area to celebrate. Interesting grip with the Enduro tyres on the cold and damp roads today. Got some interesting looks as I sat waiting for the lights to change at the pedestrian crossing in the high street.

The tank is a recent replacement which I still need to paint. The original succumbed to the effect of ethanol in the fuel. I have also given up with the original no battery electrics as it used to blow brake light bulbs every time I used the bike. Now have a small battery under the seat and LED bulbs front and back. Battery keeps the lights going for several hours before needs charging.


For benifit of Non uk readers. MOT is a compulsory annual test for safety and exhaust emissions of motor vehicles and Vehicle Excise Duty is annual taxed payed to the goverment  Often still refered to in the UK as Road Fund Tax but in the UK this tax stopped being road fund in the 1930's and the money goes to goverment in the general tax pot for them to use as required. In the UK as of last May to use on public road vehicles over 40 years old are excempt from requiring an MOT. Still require annual VED and insurance. but the cost of the VED for vehicles over 40 years old which are classed as Historic is nothing.



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Today I put in some new fork seals from a KTM SX 65, 2002 to 2009 into a friends Model 213 Alpina. While it was apart I also cleaned out and regreased the steering head as it was a bit lumpy. New oil and it works very well again. Of course I had to go for a test ride to make sure it was all okay. Those sea;s fit all the 35mm Bultaco forks too. I also had to make sure my M159 still went so just happened to accidently go for a ride on it as well! Graham.

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