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Fantic 305 Clutch Adjustment.

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With the cable disconnected I have maybe 20mm of free play on the clutch arm.

Am I right in thinking I need to screw the adjuster on the pressure plate in to remove this free play then back the adjuster off a half turn maybe?

The biting point of the clutch is near the end of the lever travel, the friction plates look ok. Is there a stack height for the clutch plates?


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If you screw in the adjuster to take up the nearly all of the free play this will make the clutch work properly.

It will alter the angle of the flat on the clutch arm ,this will allow the clutch to clear when pulling the lever in on the handle bar.leave some free play in so the clutch wont start slipping when the engine gets hot. On my earlier

Fantics i had about 3-5mm of free play on the arm.If there is any wear on the plates this helps ,on this set up you get more life out of the plates because of being able to keep adjusting it up until they are worn out.

Hope this helps

Best regards

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