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Congratulations to the Vertigo team and DL for their SSDT win, brilliant.

The question that many may be thinking or already asked, will the Vertigo go into production? If so when and how much ?

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Doug Lampkin will be the UK Importer and Distributor. I'm sure he doesn't need our advice, but I rather suspect he'll prioritise established trials dealers over Mothercare for his retailers...

Oh I don't know. If Mothercare had a Vertigo dealership, trials would be available to a much wider audience and would make shopping for baby grows much more fun! Neils on Wheels might just have come up with the business tie up of the decade!

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At last ! We have a businessman with a sound strategy owning/running a trials machine company! You have to admire the team that put this together and the way they brought it to us. It is fitting that they have done so well at the SSDT and proven a prototype before they take any money from the buying public for one. As a guy that designs and builds prototype manufacturing machines all the time, it is a luxury to be in the position of having so much time to get it absolutely right before it is used in anger and it makes all the difference.


Total respect to the owner Manel Jane for his business nounce, To Dougie,James, all the other riders and the PR team that have done an amazing job to get it to this stage. Now the only thing to get right is the price, the distribution ,service and support and I can't see why it cannot become the best selling machine in the country :)

I think it's a bit to soon to praise the lord already, only time will tell if they got it right.

But for the rest I couldn't agree more!

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I suspect that there will b e quite a few who are disappointed that the Vertigo will not be appearing at the Y & G superstars trial the week after the Penrith WTC. The reason given is that they need to get them back to the factory to prepare them for the next WTC.

I know these are development bikes but surely a quick chassis check and grease and transmission oil analysis should be all that is needed.

I have previously questioned the merit of EFI and the electric water pump (both of which place critical demands on alternator) but one thing I think the Vertigo really needs is a good wrap round sump guard as fitted to the TY mono yams and Honda RTLs. Not only does this type of guard provide better engine side protection, it improves ground clearance and side clearance particularly at the front lower engine side area.

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