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Raga Looking For Finance To Complete Season.


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Really sad situation Adam finds himself in and hopefully he will be able to sort something out without it affecting his riding too much.

If memory serves me correctly Malcolm Rathmell used to carry they key bits of his works Montesa as hand luggage to the flyaway rounds and then get wheels and other bits locally.

Regarding the UK WTC  round I would be very surprised if the local GG dealer MHB of Brough (about 30 miles from Nord View) would not be prepared to put him up and provide workshop facilities, there is plenty of good practice ground as well.

Maybe Adam could run a trials school afterwards to raise some cash.


Don't want to burden Andy (site owner) any further but perhaps could he or someone open a bank account into which electronic transfers could be made, maybe a whip round at a few trials.


Something WTC organisers should look at, because of falling pro class entries not just Rags is the payment of start money.



Theres an appeal running on Facebook ti fund the rest of his season, you can pay via PayPal or electronic transfer

There's a link to the funding site in post #26.


And he's already putting stickers on his bike from the Spanish federation, so don't count him out yet  :)

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Not wanting to put a dampener on things but why would we be paying towards him riding world rounds. I assume he has been earning a decent wage for many years. There are quite a few from the UK going without any financial whip rounds!

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Sad for the riders but i think this demonstrates the world championship needs trials not the other way round. Grass roots participation in our centre is good but not at the levels of the 70/80s when there were enough youths to have a separate series. In those days you had 100 entries but they all had modern bikes.Now 30/40% are on pre 65/ twin shock / air cooled monos.

Not good if you are hoping to sell modern bikes by competing in a world championship.

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Saw a 4T SWM at a club trial, Well it was a yellow bike with SWM on the tank an a 4T motor, Anyone know what it is?


Absolutely nothing to do with Raga's financing, accidentally posted in the wrong place but since it got a quick reply I chose not to edit it out.

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